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Synopsis: A two-hour session for community members to engage with the facilitator using the Protocol for Courageous Conversation™ with a focus on Racial History, Healing and Empowerment.

Part 1: History

The participants will share their racial stories through the context of contemporary and historical trauma. The facilitator will introduce the Courageous Conversation™ tool, The Compass, to help participants locate themselves and begin to have a placeholder for their entry into the conversation.

Part 2: Healing

The facilitator will move participants into small groups (pairs or quads) and model ways of listening and responding that allow for the healing process to begin. We operate from the premise of being heard and believed in your racial experience as a first step to healing. The participants will be introduced to the Courageous Conversation™ tool, The Four Agreements, as a way for them to stay engaged even when they are feeling discomfort. This sets the stage for them to not only engage, but to sustain the conversation so they can begin to go deeper. The facilitator will model Mindful Listening strategies as well.

Part 3: Empowerment

The participants will engage in both whole group and small group conversations to start identifying concrete needs that they have that can result in action steps within their locus of control. The facilitator will bring exemplars into to space as they evolve. The premise is that the solutions have to come from the people in the room. Once they have experienced some healing, they are in a better place to determine action steps. Action that stems from a place of pain or hurt is rarely sustainable.

Wrap Up:

Community hosts outline next steps for the participants. When will they reconvene? What voices are missing from the conversation and how will they reach out to those voices to engage them? Who will be accountable for monitoring progress on actions that the group has agreed upon?

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