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Developing partnerships that unite people of all races and revitalize communities by promoting racial justice, interracial understanding and human healing.


The mission of Courageous Conversation Global Foundation is to elevate racial consciousness through interracial healing. We practice this healing through training and development to deepen our collective understanding of racial justice. Through this practice, the Foundation promotes and supports communities, locally and globally, in achieving racial equity and social justice.


Andrea Johnson

Executive Director

Glenn Singleton

Board Chair

Michael Johnson

Board Secretary

Christine Lim

Board Treasurer

Colette Pierce Burnette

Board Member
Brooke Gregory, Courageous Conversation Global Foundation Board Member

Brooke Gregory

Board Member
Diane Tipton Land, Courageous Conversation Global Foundation Board Member

Diane Tipton Land

Board Member

Sarah Smith

Board Member

Christopher Kennedy

Board Member


The Global Foundation was founded to offer Courageous Conversation’s 25-year+ history of racial equity workshops and development to the world community. Through strategic philanthropy, the Global Foundation models how coordinated, intentional action undertaken by a set of stakeholders is central to creating collective impact to achieve racial healing.

The Global Foundation seeks opportunities to leverage investments to unite people of all races to engage in the most effective precipitant of social change: authentic, sustained and compelling intra- and interracial dialogue to eradicate racism.

The Global Foundation nurtures public/private partnerships to attract revenue streams, aggregate resources, and catalyze change for racially equitable collective impact.

To achieve racial equity, it is the vision of the Global Foundation to:

Revitalize Communities

Develop Community Leaders

Engage and Empower College Racial Equity Leaders


Courageous Conversation Global Foundation will lead and develop programming in the following key areas:

Community-based Racial Healing Initiatives

The Courageous Conversation Global Foundation will offer training and support for Community Groups that are either connected to a school district or corporation, served by an entity experiencing racial tensions or an entity comprised of members with the capacity to broach influence in broader systems within the greater community for a collective impact strategy for racial healing.

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Engage and Empower College Racial Equity Leaders

Harnessing the talents of the next generation is a vital step in sustaining the efforts of the Global Foundation. Through the Courageous Equity Leadership Fellows (CELF) program we train and support college students to become proficient in the Courageous Conversation™ tools for racial healing; and support them as they organize, lead and facilitate racial equity conversations on campus.

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Courageous Conversation is an award-winning protocol for effectively engaging, sustaining and deepening interracial dialogue developed by Glenn E, Singleton. This dialogic approach provides a set of tools or a Protocol designed to accommodate the experience with race for people of all races. The Protocol is embedded in a systemic Framework that guides analysis and thinking through which participants are supported to move from theory to practice (Singleton, 2015).

For over 25 years, Courageous Conversation has expanded from its original focus on racial equity transformation in Pre-K-12 education in the United States, to a broader scope that now addresses race in higher education, corporations, nonprofits, and government in Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

The Courageous Conversation Global Foundation works to leverage that experience to:

Build interracial networks of people and broaden access to Courageous Conversation through training organizations and stakeholder groups.

Convene and develop cross-sector partnerships to foster strategic systemic alignment, resource development, collaborative self-determination, and networking.

Consult and coach leadership in schools, business, government, and community organizations in systemic racial equity transformation.

Identify, corroborate, publish and widely disseminate racial equity best practices and action research.

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