Courageous Conversation Global Foundation

Racial Healing and Transformation for Community Groups

Community groups are the heartbeat of our society. When equipped with the right tools, grassroots organizers, parents, neighbors and friends are effective catalysts for racial healing. Through this program, the Global Foundation provides “wraparound” support and training deep within communities.

After the healing session, community members participate in a seminar to begin to learn the skills to engage across and within racial lines using the Protocol for Courageous Conversation®.
Next, a steering group engages in a racial healing strategy session with our staff and develops a concrete plan for action.

The cost for this program is pro-rated based on the size and scope of each entity and is subsidized by the generosity of our donors.

Interested in this program?

We offer training and support for community groups that have at least two of the following:

  • The entity is connected to a school district or corporation that is engaged in (or ready to engage in) systemic equity work.
  • The community served by the entity is experiencing racial tensions and is seeking remedies that include training and strategies for racial healing.
  • The entity is composed of members with the capacity to broach influence in broader systems within the greater community for a collective impact strategy for racial healing.