Courageous Conversation Global Foundation

⁣Introducing the World’s First DWB (aka Driving While Black)

Illuminating the implicit bias and violence Black people experience everyday in America through a vehicle consciously designed to protect Black drivers.

In America, Black drivers are 20% more likely to be stopped and searched by police, and 3x more likely to be killed by officers during encounters. From microaggressions to murder, routine traffic stops are anything but routine when you’re Black. So, while this car isn’t real, it is our reality. By standing up to this reality, this campaign was created to start conversations about race and racism and spark change in the communities we ALL live in.⁣

Our sentiments here at the foundation are captured by our chairman, Glenn Singleton: “We hope this campaign will spark action and compel people to get involved in transforming the problematic relationship shared between police and Black Americans; whether we are driving or just being…Black.” ⁣

A car won’t solve the problem. Only we can do that. Learn more about DWB and take action.