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Goal: To develop a diverse group of emerging young leaders so they can contribute to inter-racial healing locally and across the globe.

Who: College students who have demonstrated an interest in the scholarly study of race and race relations and are interested in facilitating productive conversations about race using the Courageous Conversation™ framework.

What: Fellows will receive extensive training and support that draws on the 25 year history of Courageous Conversation™ by Pacific Educational Group and will engage in the following:

  1. Courageous Equity Leadership Fellows will host and facilitate regularly scheduled conversations about race on their campus.
  2. Fellows will collaborate with their counterparts from other universities, via an online platform throughout the year.
  3. Courageous Equity Fellows will develop forums and activities to foster intra-racial and inter-racial relationships on campus.
  4. Fellows will work with the Courageous Conversation Global Foundation to mitigate racial trauma and facilitate healing when incidents of racial strife occur in their communities.

How: Fellows will participate in an online training modules and receive individual coaching in the Protocol for Courageous Conversation™. Upon completion of the programs, the will receive CELF Practitioner Certification. Certified Fellows will be able to:

  • Define each component of the CCAR Protocol;
  • Understand the personal and interpersonal purpose of each part of the Protocol;
  • Apply Protocol when analyzing and developing meaning around current and critical events on campus and in the broader community;
  • Apply Protocol when engaging with others;
  • Utilize the Protocol to guide others in racial literacy development and healthy racial discourse;
  • Consistently engage in self-reflection and mindfulness to process through racialized fears, triggers and obstacles;
  • Craft, expand, and articulate his/her Racial Autobiography™
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